Friday, January 27, 2017

Plumbing Factory Brass Band

Plumbing Factory Brass Band of London, Ontario
Dr. Henry Meredith, Conductor

The Plumbing Factory Brass Band is a community group founded by Dr. Henry Meredith in 1995.  Meredith is a professor at Western Ontario University, an instrument collector and builder, and it seems a jack of all trades.  According to the web page: Dr. Meredith has approximately 3300 instruments of all kinds.  In the video above, Dr. Meredith plays a natural trumpet modeled after one from the 17th century that he built.

The PFBB is playing Old Comrades by Carl Teike.  Teike was an army bandsman in Germany and over the course of his career he wrote many marches and other concert works, but like many band composers of the late 19th and early 20th century they are largely forgotten by the general public.  Old Comrades is his most famous march, but several others have seen performance in recent years including:  The Officer Candidate March, Deutsche Art Marsch, and Graf Zeppelin.

The PFBB is a community ensemble with an age range of about 50 years or so.  This is an older video, but there appears to be young college students to community members in their early 80's.  The comments below the video on the actual You Tube page are very supportive of the performers.  The performance is far from perfect, but everyone is working hard and having a good time making music with each other.  I am sure Carl Teike, wherever he may be, is happy that someone is playing his music nearly 100 years after his death.  

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  1. It's fun to hear these community ensembles play. Dr. Meredith must have a warehouse for his 3300 instruments, right? That is an enormous number for one to own!