Monday, February 13, 2017

Chemistry in Ghana!

Chemistry Brass Band
This is the Chemistry Brass Band from Accra, Ghana.  The selection that they are playing is entitled Agbadza from their album African Folks.  The group plays Ewe (pronounced A-vae approximately) traditional and contemporary music with African and Western instruments.   Yes this selection is over 22 minutes in length.

Here are the players of Chemistry:

Elikplim Amewode: Leader, Trombone 
Saka Prince: Lead trumpet 
Ahlijah Benjamin Collins: Trumpet 
Atigo Emmanuel: Trumpet 
Deffoe Desmond: Trumpet 
August Mark-Ishamel: Flugelhorn 
Doh-Okyere Berlington: Trombone 
Amegbor Ransford: Euphonium 
Divine Sepenu Gbormittah: Tuba 
Lartey Joseph: Side Drum 
Anku Courage: Bass Drum 
Dangbui Gershon: Bass Drum 
Dosco Christian: Sogo drum  (

Agbadza is a traditional Ewe rhythm and dance.

I stumbled upon this group in a series of searches of various countries.  Here is an actual brass band playing traditional music from the culture.  You do not have to listen to all 22+ minutes as it is very repetitive, and the intonation is hard to deal with too.  Despite these items, watch the players.  Listen to some of the solo sections.  Look at the communication or at times lack of communication.  There is a spirit here.  Obviously this group plays a very important part in the Ewe culture in Ghana, for them to have recorded an album and to be hired out.

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  1. Mark, thank you for your posts about community brass band. I think they are people who keep spirit alive. I wish there would be one in Thailand as well!