Thursday, March 23, 2017

Austria Loves their Brass music

Mnozil Brass

In 1993 the professional brass septet Mnozil Brass began there travels across Austria and Europe.  I first became aware of them in around 2011 when their you tube video of Lonely Boy went viral.  They are performing in the States this year.  Late this month they will be in Wisconsin visiting Lawrence University, U-W Madison, and U-W Lacrosse.  Ticket prices run between $25 and $50.  Unfortunately these are school nights.  

I have enjoyed their videos on the net, but the brass band tradition in Austria is pretty strong as well.  I found a list of seven active bands in Austria.  The first one I have selected to share with you is the Austrian Brass Band.  This band is a championship band according to this website.

I chose this group for this unique video from the perspective of the set drummer.  This is a fun arrangement of the Toccata in D minor by Bach.

If you ever wondered what life was like in the back of the band, well now you know.  This group appears to have been around since 2001.  They do have an active website, and I wish I could read German.  The group has only appeared in the championship section of competition since 2013, so this group is still developing.  

Last but least we have Brass Band Ober√∂sterreich.   This band won the championship in 2016.  This performance is Call of the Cossacks as arranged by Peter Graham.  

Three unique ensembles in the heart of Europe providing great music to their patrons in a most entertaining way.  I hope you found this musical trip enjoyable.

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  1. I really wish I could see Mnozil live performance one day.