Monday, March 6, 2017

Cyprus Brass Band

The First Brass Band in Cyprus 
Out in the Mediterranean Ocean is the island of Cyprus.  In 2015 this brass band appeared on Facebook.  They appear to be from Episkopi, Limassol in the South portion of the island.  I believe this section of the island is still part of the British Overseas Territory.

Cyprus has had an interesting history as the Turkish, Greeks, and British have all claimed the island.  Currently the island is split between Turkey and the independent Cyprus.  The beaches and the wine country are hot spots of tourists in the Mediterranean.

This is the only video of the band.  The concert was given nearly a year ago in May of 2016.  The eleven minute video features Hymn to the Fallen, When the Saints Go Marching In, and many other works.  This is a true community performance where the audience is right next to the band.  You can see some head bobbing in the audience and they are paying close attention.  For only being in their second year of performing, if the dates are correct, the band is progressing well.  I really enjoyed this video.  My son, also enjoyed the performance.  He particularly enjoyed When the Saints go Marching In.  

I just can't believe I found this group while wandering the web.  What a pleasure it was to find them.  I hope they make some more videos, so we can all see how the group continues to evolve musically!  Thank you Cyprus Brass Band for your gift of music!

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