Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kuwait Brass "United"

Kuwait Brass Quintet "United"

I was not expecting to find a brass ensemble in Kuwait, but imagine my joy when I saw they cover popular music from the Mid-East

This particular quintet has participated in the Kuwait battle of the bands, and they have several performances on you tube.  I have not found anything else regarding this group, but I wish them much success.  Here is a roster of the performers:

Trumpet - Edward Timershin
Trumpet - Ahmad Mohammad Amin MarawanTrombone - Saydiburhon GapparovFrench corn - Ravshanboy AlievTuba - Abd Almegeed Abd Rabbon

The song the Kuwait Brass are covering is Helwa Ya Baladi.  I believe this translates to My Beautiful HomelandMy Beautiful Country, or O Country of Mine pending the source you use.  The original song was performed by Yolanda Cristina Gigliotti.  Gigliotti went by the stage name Dalida.  She is of Egyptian and Italian descent.  She sold over 170 million recordings, spoke several languages, and even acted in films before her death in 1987.  

This is a video of Dalida in performance, and below you will find a cover of the same song by Lina Sleibi from 2015.

I am surprised my favorite salon band from Portland, Oregon (Pink Martini) has not covered this song.  I also hope that the Kuwait Brass "United" continue to play.  I enjoyed their music.  Hope you do as well.  

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