Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eastern Iowa Brass Band

Eastern Iowa Brass Band
Arfon Owen-Tenor Horn Soloist

I wanted to return to the United States and give a plug for the Brass Band that is essentially in my own back yard.  The Eastern Iowa Brass Band rehearses in Mt. Vernon, IA, but they perform in Cedar Rapids, West Branch, Davenport, Des Moines, and at North American Brass Band Association events from time to time.

I have been acquainted with a lot of the performers in this group over the years.  A couple of them have even performed in the same ensembles as I, but that is par for the course around NE Iowa and NW Illinois.  There was a time I even received a call from a member trying to recruit me for an open tuba spot back in 2004 or 2005.  Two hour drives on US 30 did not sound like a good idea to me.  I was already traveling nearly two hours to play in the Rockford Wind Ensemble at that time.  

I have had the pleasure of hearing the band play at the Iowa Bandmaster's Convention in Des Moines and at an event in Davenport many years ago.  They work hard and they take their musical craft seriously.  I also like that they play outdoors for patriotic events at the Hoover Presidential Museum in West Branch.  The video above is from their most recent concert.  The selection is Slavische Fantasie and the soloist is Arfon Owen who visited my class last month.  The EIBB schedule is here:   You can also find more information about these Iowa musical ambassadors there beyond when they are performing.   Please enjoy this performance of the Eastern Iowa Brass Band!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, EIBB is a nice sounding community band. It was also neat to hear Arfon Owen perform in a group setting since I was not able to make it to any of his concerts other than the masterclass.